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Tungsten, material used in making bracelets, is a type of metal that is said to be thrice as hard as steel. This is the reason why most tungsten bracelets have a bit of weight on them, which makes the material perfect for creating expensive-looking bracelets. Tungsten bracelet also has an incredible shine that is not only impressive but fashionable as well. Since tungsten is one of the strongest metals in the world, it also has the capacity to withstand different rigorous activities. It is reported that tungsten bracelet is always free of scratches because of its durability and strength.
Tungsten bracelet is also used in magnotherapy. This therapy is the use of magnets to heal different illnesses of the human body. According to some reports, if magnets are worn close to the body, these magnets will have positive reaction to the body, thus, improving body system. It is said that magnets specifically improves the nervous systems because magnets interacts with the underlying muscles and nerves of the body. This is also the reason why the human heart, being the largest muscle of the body, can benefit a lot from magnotherapy. Since human body system reacts well with magnets, blood flow in the body can also be improved.